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Tips to Afford Your First Home

Compare real estate figures from around the US, and one thing comes to mind pretty quickly, New York City is really expensive! With some of the highest valued, real estate in the entire WORLD, New York has by far one of the highest costs of living for individuals, married or single. In today’s market, with prices constantly in flux, renting the average NYC one-bedroom apartment costs roughly $33,000 per year. And in many places in the US, that number will actually allow you to own a fairly spacious home, big enough for you and that family you plan on having one day. With such high costs, that are fairly unheard of in other parts of the country, it can be a dream for most individuals to become property owners and it often takes a number of tricks, as well as some good luck. Queens Real Estate Attorney Ryan Walsh, Esq. has helped countless New Yorkers become first-time homeowners, despite all the challenges they might have faced. While many of us are stifled by credit card debt, student loan debt, and higher competition for better pay – others are taking advantage of things like FHA loans, and moving their families to the suburbs of Long Island or Queens real estate attorney Ryan Walsh says. As high as real estate prices are in New York City, with a little bit of frugality, some research, and the help of someone in the know like Queens real estate attorney Ryan Walsh, you can easily turn the tide in your favor. Here are some helpful tips on how to finance that first home.

One of the most important things to make sure of is that you and your spouse (if you have one), are financially organized in every sense of the word. It is important to create a strong, budget for yourself to live by, as well as knowing or having access to important financial information about yourself at all times.

· Budgeting

This is of vital importance for any time in your life and simply a smart way to live. The best way to stay on track with all your hopes and dreams is to make sure you create a budget for yourself as well as your household. Set aside a certain amount of money for vitals like groceries, your bills, and even some entertainment. Keeping a strong, sensible budget is important to the home purchasing process as it allows you to know exactly how much you would be able to spend on a mortgage in order to pay off your home loan.

· Your Financials

Another important thing to stay on top of is your finances overall and your financial health. You should always have important information on-hand, such as your credit score, any outstanding debts, how much money you’ve got in savings, and how much can you afford to put away every month. While this information is important in life overall, it is especially vital to those interested in purchasing their first home.

· Loan Options

In Queens, real estate attorney Ryan Walsh and his team of lawyers do most of their business and have used a number of creative techniques into getting well-qualified individuals into their first homes. A conventional mortgage is a home loan, that can be paid off over flexible periods of time – 10, 20, 25, and 30-year mortgages are traditional. And as with most loans, the longer the time period the smaller the monthly payment, but the more money you are paying in interest, over the life of the loan.

While a traditional mortgage can be difficult to get for many first-time homeowners, depending on your circumstances, individuals can put as little as 3% down in order to finance their home. Of course, here is why you should have the help of a qualified real estate attorney, as down payments of lower than 20% will often require what’s known as PMI private mortgage insurance, to be paid in addition to the monthly payment. As a Queens real estate attorney Mr. Walsh helps his clients to stay away from certain loans that can cause huge financial damage in the long-term. He and his staff have helped countless families and individuals use loopholes within the system to finance their first home – taking advantage of a number of different options and modified loans. One such loan is known as an FHA loan – a loan that is insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). These loans are a fairly popular option for buyers, as they do not require a down payment of 20% of higher. Instead individuals who qualify can put down as little as 3.5% down and they will qualify with a credit score that is often lower than that of an individual in a conventional mortgage. In addition, many can couple these loans with local down payment assistance programs that are specific to your area. For more information on getting the home of your dreams and loan assistance programs all over NYC, contact Queens Real Estate Attorney, Ryan Walsh, Esq. today.


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