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I was referred this law firm by Well Fargo Bank for my first co-op purchase. Since I did not use a real estate agent on my side, I needed to ask a lot of questions to Ryan and Melissa from the contract to closing. They were very professional, friendly, patient and reliable. I’m very happy with their service and a new apartment.... My husband and I were in the market to purchase our first home. During this confusing process, we were recommended the services of Ryan Walsh, Esq. a real estate attorney. He was a huge help! He helped us through revising the contract and pointed out a bunch of problems that would have cost us big time in the future! We were able to get the home of our dreams and saved a ton or money and headaches thanks to Mr. Walsh’s help.... As a retired NYPD sergeant, I was incredibly bored without the excitement of my day job. Having saved a decent amount of money throughout the years, I decided to partner up with a close friend and began investing in real estate. Since we started Ryan Walsh has been our attorney and has proved to be a huge asset! Throughout the years he’s been able to expedite our paperwork/documents, speed up closings, find us financing, introduce us to lenders, and just provide amazing all-around legal advice. If you’re in real estate or looking to purchase any property, Ryan is the go to guy – he really knows this game well!... When the housing market crashed my wife and I were stuck trying to sell our beach home in Suffolk County for years and were having tremendous financial problems. Thanks to the help of Ryan Walsh & Associates we were able to refinance our home, getting a better rate on our mortgage, and freeing up some much-needed cash. A year after we were finally able to find a buyer, and Ryan and his firm did all of our paperwork in a quick and timely manner, helping us through all the complex parts of our mortgage and the closing. He saved us a ton of time and money – we can’t thank him enough, he truly changed our lives!... Last year I inherited a home in Queens from a deceased relative, and thanks to Ryan Walsh I was able to save on taxes and fees associated with the transfer of property from my uncle’s will. Living in Connecticut I really had no need for the home and decided to put it up for sale. I work crazy hours as a resident physician, so I was so thankful to have Ryan and his firm handle the legal paperwork and logistics of the sale. Thanks to Ryan and the realtor he recommended I was able to have the home sold in 4 months, and only came back to the city a handful of times in the process! Thanks for everything Ryan!.
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3 Common Legal Concerns Overlooked by Real Estate Agents

In New York City, with some of the highest real estate values in the country, the real estate market has slowly become the most volatile in its history. And with such fluctuations in property values, the already risky real estate market becomes that much riskier to both buyers and sellers. With so much risk already involved in the real estate industry, and that risk constantly growing as the years go by, it has become quite common to see both buyers and sellers involved in real estate litigation filing lawsuits against themselves, as well as their real estate agents. With real estate litigation becoming such an issue in the NYC real estate market, many agents are finding it more necessary to familiarize themselves with the legal aspects of the real estate industry. It has become such an important issue, in fact, that many of the most successful real estate agents in the NYC industry are taking continuing education courses and real estate law classes designed specifically for real estate agents. Top Queens real estate attorney, Ryan Walsh, has assisted a number of different agents to ensure their practices are compliant with the legal practices in NYC. To better educate you on all that real estate agents seem to be missing, here are a few of the most common legal issues affecting real estate agents in NYC.

· False Advertising

With real estate litigation being so important these days, there are specific advertising requirements that real estate agents in NYC must adhere to. The fact is that most of them are simply ignoring these laws, which surround the truth of the information provided by the advertisements and need for agents to consistently post accurate property images within their advertisements. And with the internet becoming the new hottest means of selling properties, these advertising laws have extended to the internet – meaning all information and images posted on internet sites and social media, in an effort to sell or rent property must be accurate. These ads must adhere to the laws that real estate agents in NYC must follow.

· Discrimination in Sales & Rentals of Real Estate Units

Probably the biggest source of real estate litigation issues in NYC, agents must be more careful with the subject to discrimination. In the event, you find a property, that which sellers do not want individuals of a particular ethnicity or race to purchase or rent – it is in your best interests to drop this client, as this practice is not just morally an issue, but will leave you subject to a possible lawsuit.

· Environmental Issues

One of the biggest issues that lead to cases of real estate litigation has got to be environmental hazards and issues such as asbestos, contaminated water, and lead paint – especially with older properties. Agents and brokers are lawfully required to have thorough inspections performed, and failure to do so can result in legal issues and environmental law concerns that are very severe. It is highly advisable that real estate agents in NYC, become more familiar with the specific environmental laws in the area.

The real estate laws in NYC and the rest of the country are designed to protect both buyers and sellers and ensure that everyone involved is able to complete their transactions in a manner that’s most efficient and safe. For more information on the real estate laws and litigation practices in NYC, contact top Queens real estate attorney Ryan J. Walsh, Esq. today.


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